Nice pair

So far we’ve had a fair number of knockers but not so many knobs. To remedy this I am going to have a couple of posts with some knobs, this one has pairs and the next will be single knobs.

Both of these pairs of knobs were found on the same street in London.

From Leicester, possibly a former bank

Sometimes it is hard to know if they are knobs, knockers or handles!

On a visit to Wells, Somerset this summer I saw a couple of knockers on adjacent properties. The house are very close to the cathedral and the identical knockers have been given very different treatments. I am not sure which I prefer, both are appealing.

Part of a terrace of 5 or 6 fairly substantial but slightly different houses (possibly Georgian) only the last two have these knockers. The others are dull and generic in comparison. Did all the houses have them once, I wonder? Were the occupants connected to the cathedral, or maybe the builder just bought a job lot, I will never know.

These are a fine pair from Woodstock, Oxon

This very ornate pair were in the vicinity of the Guildhall, London

And finally if you are a fan of The Labyrinth my friend Mark alerted me to these. If you are feeling rich you can buy them from the link below but sadly I don’t think they will talk like the originals.